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The quest for eternal youth continues...

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There are many age defying creams out there, some better than others. Some brands pricier than others. The hype is huge when it comes to promoting age defying creams to erase wrinkles, the passing of years, brown spots and… insert any other offer you have heard… The truth:  there is no magic cream, potion or concoction to erase sun damaged skin, the passing of years and plain old age by magic from one day to the other.  That is “plain and simple”. However, we are willing to keep trying to find the “magic formula”. Therefore we continue paying the price in the quest for “eternal youth”.


It is well known that, other than going under the knife or getting fillers like JuvedermR, RadiesseR or injecting BotoxR, the only product in creams that will yield some results is Retinoid (Tretinoin) in prescribed concentration, which is higher than the OTC versions. Other products containing hyaluronic acid could help to improve the results in the age defying war. All said, the magic word here is consistency - you need to wear this creams consistently and for a few weeks to see any results.


The OTC version, Retinol which is around 0.1% concentration yields results with constant use and works better with skins that do not have deep wrinkles. Fine lines and fine wrinkles are noticeably improved with the daily use of creams containing retinol along with antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid, all of which protect the skin. Constant application (morning and night) will show results after a few weeks. The key is “constant” and in your daily skin care routine.


Taking care and been proactive with your skin regimen and routine should start early in your 20’s. The most important advice, one that you probably have heard more times than you care for is: Wear sun protection of a high concentration, every day. The sun is the worst enemy of the face. Wear a moisturizer daily and wash off your makeup every day, staying away from smoking, too much drinking, as well as too many all-night parties, will increase the chances of keeping your skin in top shape, fewer lines, and wrinkles when you start losing volume later on in life. By your 30’s, start adding some form of retinol cream to your face and eye area to prevent and to diminish any fine lines. Starting early is the safest bet and more secure way to delay the appearance of wrinkles. Prevention is the key.


What creams are good? There are many to choose from and in different price ranges. We have tried a few and we want to share our findings with you. Just remember to look for a cream with at the very least 0.1% minimum of retinol, if you are looking for a cream to fight fine lines and wrinkles. For keeping your skin glowing and moisturized look for creams with hyaluronic acid, peptides, and antioxidants and wear sunscreen – every day! 


The magic with all creams is to apply it twice a day and a minimum of 2-4 weeks to see a difference in your skin. Again consistency is key to see results.

Age defying creams we love

put to the test and gave us results: Ranging in price from $14 - $30.00

Filextra – Facial Revolumizing Treatment with Collagen

As the name indicates facial revolumizing – that’s a big claim! – this cream has more than 50 ingredients, among those the most important and the ones that could give any aid to the fight on ageing are: sodium hyaluronate, almond oil, squalene, hexapeptide, black tea, fish collagen, chlorella and acetyl glucosamine all known to help the condition of the skin, texture, pigmentation etc. Although there are not major changes and miracles of volume, the cream is effective for supple, less fine lines and you can feel and see a different. Pricier than the ones above is still a fair price from this merchant and worth the money! We have found other retailers selling it for over $80.00-90.00.


From the brand Goodskin Laboratories, makers of filextra, we have also tried; Tri-aktiline and Sculptinex which are a little pricier but really good for your skin. Both are high moisturizers and fine lines reducers. Remember: the secret is consistency in the application of creams.


We covered here some of the creams we have tried and found to be effective. It is not a comprehensive study but mainly what we have found that work so far. We keep looking, testing and trying as there are many options out there and more keep coming up. From time to time we will bring a review of our findings to you. Beauty is a comprehensive subject! We love to share what we find and what works!


What creams do you use as part of your daily care routine? Have you found a good one? Want to share with us? Write us a comment below, we love to hear from you! If you like our post do share with your friends.


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