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Taking that selfie to a new level!

perfecting contour PUR cosmetics love your selfie palette

We love cosmetics and creams. We try products in the search for the best ones. Beauty products are a huge market. The selections and qualities are extensive and it is a market that keeps growing. Since contouring starting to take center stage and becoming part of the routine of makeup, an immense array of products have hit the market, perfecting contour and using the right brand and amount of products is crucial. Check here and here for some simple contour and makeup tutorials. Develop your contour and beauty routine early and keep it simple.


We are reviewing from the brand of PUR Cosmetics, "Love your selfie"contour palette, shadows, and lipstick, one of the best kits we have found so far. Perfecting contour to create a look that is fabulous and brings your beauty out and make your look perfect for that ultra-close selfie.


PUR Cosmetics has natural ingredients in their cosmetics and that is key when selecting makeup products and creams. Being an Eco- friendly company makes it a plus. Their cosmetic products and creams contain antioxidants which make it a double win for their users. We definitively love this brand!


Their "Love your selfie2" is a set of blush, contour highlighters, mascara, lip liner, and gloss. The kit contains eight shadows with warm tones, perfect for fall. You can retouch when on the go, be ready to stand the closeness of the selfie shoot!


A kit with all you need, yet small enough to carry with you and therefore an essential traveling item - most of the selfies we take are out on trips or events, so it is perfect to go in the handbag.


PUR cosmetics is a brand we love, use and recommend. Take a look at the other cosmetics and beauty products they have and start changing your routine how you take care of your skin. More pure and natural ingredients is the way to go. Be smart about what you put on your face.


perfecting contour 4-1 pressed mineral make up blush medium
Disappearing ink concealer light
Jumbo Bronzer
Liquid Veil Spray Foundation

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