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When it comes to makeup brushes, we could get lost. The variety, as well as the prices and therefore quality, are immense.  We have been studying these tools for a while. With this in mind, we have created a guide to makeup brushes selection.


For this article, we look at prices, quality, and usages of the brush. Likewise, we looked into the materials used to produced the brushes. Getting down to basics: How many brushes do we need?


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Guide to makeup brushes selection: What kind and how many do we need?


Rather than buying a lot of different kind of makeup brushes and ending up with more than what we need and wasting money, let's look at what is out there.  As a starter point we need five essential brushes:

  1. Powder brush
  2. Blending brush
  3. Shadow brush
  4. Eyeliner brush
  5. Lash and brow groomer

From this list, we build up. Although you don't require more and any addition is just to extend your "arsenal" of brushes! Those are the basics.  Let's take a look at each one individually.




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Description of makeup brushes


1.Powder brush:

It has a round set of bristles, and you apply with this brush face powder in circular motions. If you wear foundation, use it to set the powder in without smudging.


2.Blending brush:

There are two versions of this brush one with a round tip and one with an angled tip. However, results are pretty similar with both tips. It goes down to your preferences.  Either one is perfect to blend the blush and for contouring/ highlighting.


3. Shadow brush:

This brush has a flat tip which is the best to apply shadow with precise strokes.


4. Eyeliner brush:

The eyeliner brush serves two purposes. It has an angled tip, and you can draw your eyeliner with the tip of the edge in a perfect motion.  Moreover, you can use this brush to apply shadow and smudge it with the brush for the perfect "smoky eyes" effect.


5.  Lash and brow groomer:

For a dual job, this is a perfect brush. You can use it for the brows with the brush side for a perfect set look. The comb side will help get your lashes separate and eliminated the clumpiness of the mascara.


Other brushes additionally to the list above are the kabuki, concealer brush, and the fan brush. These are in like manner good brushes if you can get then do so. But it is not imperative to have all of them.


If you need help or want some makeup tips, go to our blogs: Makeup 101 and Makeup 102, contouring and highlighting for beginners 



Components and qualities


We are promoters of animal cruelty-free products, and as such, we look into alternatives to the products we like, use and test. Although high-quality makeup brushes are made of animal fur - mostly sable, squirrel or goat we also found good synthetic ones. Therefore if you are against animal cruelty, this is something you may want to look at.


The synthetic fiber brush is made of nylon and polyester fibers. Color could be added to give a hair like feeling. The synthetic way is also in some cases better when applying powders and makeup as this kind of brush does not soak liquid or powder because it does not have cuticles. The application is more straightforward and less messy. Likewise, less product waste.


If you prefer to stay away from natural hair bristles, go for synthetic. It will give you good results.

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Good brands to try - fair prices!


Ready to get some new brushes? Take a look at the ones our affiliates offer. We love them and therefore recommend these brands to you! We prefer cruelty-free, synthetic brands but have also included some with natural hair for your choices.


Keep in mind that maintenance is crucial. Wash your brushes according to their instructions on package. Mild soap and warm water are most often recommended. Let them drip dry.

More brushes and makeup sets:

How many brushes do you have? Do you prefer natural hair or synthetic? Leave your comments below, love to hear from you!

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