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Basics know how to look spectacular!

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Makeup 101 basics is for you!  We love makeup! From the moment we saw our mothers applying it we fell in love! Do you remember, as a little girl, a big sister, getting ready to go to work, to school or for a night out? Choosing the outfit, the accessories and... the make up? We started testing, when nobody was looking, the eyeshadows, the lipsticks. Could not wait to start trying them all! How about sneaking a lip gloss and tried it in the school bus on way to school?


Ladies, we all love make up! From the minimalist that wears the basic sheer powder as well as  the one who is big on contouring. Makeup is as basic for most of us as brushing our hair before leaving the house is.


Therefore we compiled a few basic tips for all of those lovers of makeup. Let us know what other tips you have in the comments below!


Tips to apply makeup better




Should be applied after moisturizer, this is your starting point. A primer sets your face and allows for a smoother look when applying foundation.

CC, BB, DD creams- they act as concealers, covering blemishes, imperfections, dark spots. Which one is best? Depends on your needs. Generally speaking, follow these guidelines:

CC - for color and correction, BB is use for brightening and to conceal. As for DD - is all inclusive as it defines, conceals and brightens. Advice: Find the one with the ingredients you need and stick with it. Read the labels and choose accordingly.




For the best color match, choose the one that is identically to the color of the inside of your wrist or match to the color of your neck as close as possible. Blending it completely will blur the lines that mark where you finish applying foundation. This is important as there should not be a visible line between face and neck.  Equally important is to pick a brand with sunscreen for protection.

makeup 101 basica



A little trick - blush contours your face when applied properly and accordingly to your shape. Use it to accentuate your best features, therefore softening your overall look. For your everyday look this is better option. Use two shades. The darker goes under the cheekbones, the lighter on the cheekbones. Start with the darker shade and finish with the light one. Leave the heavy contour makeup for pictures, photoshoots and other special occasions. Contour is  pronounced and more heavy makeup application intended to define and change the contour of the face.


Eyes - Shadows, Eyeliners, Mascara and Eyebrow Pencils:




Your eyes- window to your soul- define and accentuate them with the colors that complement your own eye color and your skin tone. For the most part, you should use light colors to highlight. The shades of white with or without shimmer are good to accentuate. These shades give as well the illusion of bigger eyes. Brown eyes are a neutral color for the shadow palette.  Therefore you can wear just about any color on your eyes. Green and blue eyes should stay away from the blues and the greens.  If you do want to wear these colors do so, but in a minimalist way.  In essence, just a hint of it, don't match your eye color with your eye shadow!!! The best colors for blue and green eyes are all the browns, from light brown to cappuccino and chocolate. Hazel eyes are uniquely able to shine with the browns and hints of bronze or gold, looking natural.




Wear them to define, accentuate and pop your eyes. The thin lines should start from the inner eyelid (along the line of the eyelashes) to the outer of the eyelid. If you love and want to do the cat line extend the line.  There are many tricks, some very useful, to draw a perfect cat line. You can also soften a hardline with a coat of eyeshadow to blend or to give the smoky look.




Wear one or two coats. Too much mascara makes your eyes look like it Japanese cartoon (not pretty). If your eyelashes are thin ans sparse, look for a mascara with fibers hairs that attach to your own eyelashes making them fuller and longer.  Use in like manner one or two coats.


If you have this problem there are good lash enhancers and conditioners to try. Check for some that have good reviews and are worth a try.  Some good ones: Citylash and Elastlash Eyelash solution. Check below and click on for more information on lash enhancers.



They frame your face.  For this area there are many choices from pencils, creamed pencils, gels, fiber infused gels and powders. You can also take a look at microblading - the newest way to achieve more brow.


Always define and arch, filling bald areas (we all have those!) In the same fashion do not over pluck them. Always follow your natural line. Check this video for a proper eyebrow definition.





When applying foundation include the lips, this will ensure that your color stays longer. Blend it with the tip of your finger.  Apply lip liner, starting with the upper lip and the lower lip after. Blend with the brush and then apply lipstick or lip gloss. Lips will look fuller.


Try  some of these new ideas when applying your make up. Have fun! Click here to learn how to get your contour done!



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