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If you haven’t tried this new polish line from Sally Hansen, you have to do so! I tried it out myself, so I wanted to share a little bit about it with you guys and write a product review. I must say I was a little skeptical at first that it would start to chip within a few days just like any other nail polish, but it really does work! If you’re like me and usually get manicures with regular polish, you are well aware that it begins to chip within the first couple of days; however, this new gel polish lasted me just about two weeks without any chipping. Just the day after I got my nails done I cleaned for hours and throughout that week I also went to the pool and the beach, which usually causes for your polish to chip faster, but in this case, mine stayed intact!


To make things even better there’s no fuss! Usually, in order to get a gel polish manicure you have to go to a salon, you have to use a light, and in order to remove the gel, you have to soak your nails for some time. With Sally Hansen’s new line there is no need for any of that! The polish dries and can be removed like any other. All you have to do is follow the two step process: Apply the gel color and then apply the gel top coat, it’s that easy!


The first color I tried out was 370 Sugar Fix. I loved the color and cannot wait to try out more of the many colors they have! To give the Miracle Gel a try click here!


Have you given Sally Hansen gel polish a try already? Tell us what you think and leave your comments below! We will be offering more product reviews for our readers!


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