PUR Cosmetics Vanity Palettes

We love PUR Cosmetics, Complexion Authority! This brand of beauty products is more than just another brand. Their products are natural, animal cruelty-free. We are an affiliate to this brand because we truly believe it to be one of the best brands of beauty products for the skin. When it's time to write about a product, this is a brand all the members at swagandsash.com want to review! We all wear the brand! For this article, we are considering PUR Cosmetics Vanity Palettes, eyes and cheeks.


Let’s begin with the size. It is perfect!  Small for on the go retouches and big enough to be part of our daily routine. Within the compact duo of eyes and cheeks, you get four eyeshadows which you can combine for day and night.  Additionally, you get blush, bronzer, and highlighter. You can quickly and effortlessly work, retouch and get together with your gang for after hours drinks, a girls night out, or your date for dinner. The mirror in this compact has an extended neck which is so good for retouches and much better than an ordinary small mirror. You can certainly appreciate the easiness to touch up your makeup; it is like a vanity mirror on the go!

On the go makeup

Apply your makeup in an easy, comfortable way with this product. Since it carries blush and bronzer, you can also retouch your color and apply bronzer to those areas that need a bit of tone. For added glow dust a bit of highlighter around the cheekbones and the bridge of the nose.


These products are free of animal components and as stated before, not tested on animals, and free of parabens.

When traveling for work, vacation or a simple weekend getaway, plan to have this small addition to your cosmetic bag. That is the way of the fashionista. She travels light, comfortable in fashion and style!

Check PUR Cosmetics here and take advantage of the spring cleaning going on now with up to 50% off selected items! What’s not to love? Head over to our previous reviews "Glitz and Glam day to night eyeshadow palettes" and "Beauty review PUR Cosmetic foundation"


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