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A case for the superfoods

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When we read the title "Eat healthy, stave off illnesses", what comes to mind? Probably diet, exercise, and hunger! Or worst yet, bland tasting food. The uncomfortable feeling of muscle pain after working out.


However, a personal commitment to health and a better life starts within us. Nobody can make you eat healthier, exercise more or stress less. For the most part, we fall back on a lay back, look the other way life, until the call is made. The call to the doctor. The check up that came back with so-so results.  Or worst yet, the hospital emergency visit.


What we don't think about is, that we are truly what we eat. Although there are illnesses and diseases out there that are unpredictable, we can help ourselves against them. We can make a case that eating healthier and maintaining an active life will improve your chances. In conclusion, both will help us to stave off illness.


So, therefore we created this article "Eat healthy, stave off illnesses". It has information that is out there if you want to look it up. We did the research and bring it to you. Given these points, we hope it will be of help to you!



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Add some of the following, better yet add them all!


  • Quinoa - This is a natural gluten free grain. It is a great substitute for rice or pasta. This grain is high in protein, full of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.  As a matter of fact is very high in magnesium, B-2, copper, iron and phosphorus. With a taste that is not that different from rice - what are you waiting for? Check this recipe!
  • Oatmeal - Very high soluble fiber, it is great for people on diets as it satisfies hunger.  In addition and more important, helps protect against colon cancer. It is high in protein, iron, and other minerals. Low in fat. Keep it healthy by using the whole grain, not the microwavable one, as this is less nutritious.
  • Pears - Help to keep sugar levels and therefore lowers diabetes risk, improves gut health naturally and lowers chances of stroke. Help to reduce chances of colon cancer as it is high in fiber. Provides vitamin C, folate, antioxidants, and proteins.
  • Salmon - A lot has been said about this fatty fish but it is worth to repeat its many benefits. Salmon is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, therefore reduces risks of heart attack, lowers blood pressure, helps to build brain cells. The best kind is wild caught. Check this article on salmon oil
  • Olive oil - You can use this oil on everything you cook that needs oil. High in monounsaturated fat which reduces cholesterol levels, decreases heart disease and contains vitamins K and E.

More superfoods, no excuse to add some to your diet


  • Kale - This is one superfood that deserves the title without questions! Whether you eat it raw (in salads) cooked (steamed or with other foods) or as a juice, this green leaf is highly nutritious, full of omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin K. Helps on blood clotting. Kale is high in fiber and calcium - good for bone health. Additionally provides lutein, which helps to slow cognitive decline.
  • Blueberries -  A fruit, rightly called a superfood. It is a soluble fiber, lowers cholesterol, helps to slow the spikes of glucose. High in vitamin C and K. Full of antioxidants. Also, helps brain function and memory.
  • Broccoli - We all know about this vegetable and all its attributes as a cancer fighter. High in fiber, full of antioxidants, vitamins A, C, B9, K. It also helps to maintain good eye, red blood cells, the immune system, bones, and tissues. Help fight cancers of the liver, breast, prostate and colon. - Why do we not eat this every day?  Get some recipes here.
  •  Asparagus - This vegetable is high in lycopene, protect the prostate (prostate cancer) has vitamin A, in addition, fiber to lower cholesterol and body weight.  Improves your heart health. Furthermore, it has high quantities of protein and iron. Recipe here.
  • Apples - An apple a day... Soluble fiber helps to keep blood sugar levels in check, is a good source of potassium (same as bananas) - helps to stabilize blood pressure. Lowers the risk of cancer, heart disease, asthma, lung function and weight loss. Want to keep the doctor away? Eat more apples. Check here
  • Dark Chocolate - You heard a lot about the benefits of dark chocolate. The deal here is to eat the real cacao, as has been noted by health nutritionists, it has to be a minimum of 70% pure (sorry! no milk chocolate!). Dark chocolate is good to lower blood pressure, decrease the rate of stroke and helps with brain health and boost memory.



Eat healthy, stave off illnesses


There are more food choices, we just covered some of the superfoods out there. The list is long. We will cover some more in the near future.


We can do plenty to help us stay healthy, stave off disease and illnesses and keep fit. All it takes is a willpower and the desire to lead an active life. Take matters into your own hands and fight for your health.


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Keep it up!



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