Multiple Sclerosis treatments, medicines, alternative options

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Never stop fighting

For my second article, I want to bring to you the many Multiple Sclerosis treatments, medicines, alternative options that are out there. I have tried several treatments, different options, and alternative natural ways. It is my ultimate goal to find the treatment that will take it all away. For the moment MS has no cure, but there are very promising treatments in clinical trials, and I am a warrior who will never give up!


Living with this illness has proven my resilience and will to survive, to fight and conquer. There are days when the small movement of turning over in my bed is excruciatingly painful. Those days I wonder if all these medicines I have to take, are doing anything. Generally speaking, I am very confident as well as realistic, and for the most part, I am balanced and have come to understand this MS illness and what it does to your body, mind, and spirit.  It will not break me.


Knowing your options


Multiple Sclerosis treatments, medicines and alternatives options are many.  It can be overwhelming and confusing when you get a diagnostic the first time. For the most part; these drugs might have substantial side effects. That is why you need to keep a journal.  You need to be aware of any changes in your body, any reactions and anything that feels different. Even if you think the side effects of the drugs are not relevant, let your doctor decide that.  Keeping your doctor informed of anything that feels different,  or of any new symptoms is a must.

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Multiple Sclerosis is costly


Hopefully, you have a good medical plan. MS drugs and treatments are quite expensive, but insurance covers most of it. However, it is a lifetime condition, and as such the bills will keep growing, be ready and prepare yourself. It is relevant to mention that just like all forms of MS are not the same, so are the reactions by the patients who suffered from this condition. Sometimes you might need to try several treatments and medications to find what works best for you. Again, that journal – imperative!

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Importance of treatments and combined alternatives

From my experience, I have found out that it is most effective to try a combination of medicines, physical therapy, a proper diet, and nutrition plan. It is essential that you change your eating habits, sleep patterns, and physical activity to be able to have a better fighting chance. Combining all the above has proven very helpful in my battle.  But, I would tell you what could be your worst enemy, even if you are following everything in a perfect way: it is called stress.


Stress is your worst adversary when fighting MS – keep it under control!


It is a known fact that stress is a major contributor to the development of many diseases like Cancer, Obesity, Anxiety, Immunity Disorders, Depression and many other ailments. It should not be a surprise that stress can cause havoc to you and worsen your symptoms.


In like manner, stress is a common factor of our daily life.  It is almost impossible to avoid. What can we do them? How do you keep stress under control to be able to manage your condition better? It is not easy. You will need other than medications a good support network of family and friends to keep up with all the daily details that bring stress to life. Put it in simple terms: your life needs to be peaceful, keeping tense situations to a minimum. Those around you are your support system.

Treatments that help with MS and with stress


Combining your drugs, with physical therapy (if your doctor gives the green light) and a balanced diet (do not skip meals – ever!) is the first step. Add healthy choices to your meals – salmon, green vegetables, and proper antioxidants found in fruits. Read our article “12 brain superfoods choices" for ideas to add to your shopping list.  Activities like Tai-Chi, Light Yoga, and stretch are all right to combat stress, to keep your muscles and the health of your bones. Check with your doctor and adjust your choices according to your body capabilities and the kind of MS you have.


Try meditation (it also helps to keep focus - cognitive skills). Try to do meditation every morning, after breakfast when you get up. Spend a few minutes under the early morning light (when it is not too hot). The sunlight provides vitamin D, necessary for bone and muscle health.


Try Acupuncture for stress and your symptoms. Combining this ancient treatment procedure with your medications might help alleviate your MS as well as your stress levels. Crosswords, Sudoku, and puzzles are excellent for cognitive and memory exercise.


Last thoughts


Next time, I will write about the drugs and medicines I have tried and what is out there for the treatment of MS also in clinical trials. Stay tune and if you missed my first article, check it out, "Day by day with Multiple Sclerosis." Stay healthy and live your best life, you only have one!



Anna wrote this article; she is a contributor to and has been battling MS for the last seven years.


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