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Our team loves health, fitness and good living. We love to eat good and try healthy recipes! To eat healthy and nourtish the soul is a priority. Giving back is the best opportunity of all! Here we share healthy recipes that are tasty and good for your (for those who do not love fruit or vegetables - hint: children and yeah...some adults).


Eat a balanced diet that includes vegetables, fruits, fish, lean meats, pastas. Use olive oil instead of saturated oils and fats. Keep and eye on your levels of cholesterol and triglicerides. Go easy on salts and sugars. Having balance will keep your body healthy and your weight down. Don't forget to stay active!


We will be adding our recipes on a weekly basis. Do you want to share your favorite recipe with us and have it included here? Leave us a comment below. Stay tuned!


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minestrone soup
asparagus icture lemon garlic
all berry smoothie
Citrus punch smoothie
recipe for fried rice
recipe for turmeric chicken
Lemon ginger fish filet

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