Detox, energize, beautify recipe

Detox, energize, beautify recipe

Serves: 2 to 3 medium glasses


This mix of fruits and vegetables is a detox, energize, beautify recipe that it is sweet, easy to drink and will help you in several ways.  This drink could be use as part of a diet and also as part of your daily nutrition. If you need to detox your body you can drink this mix as well.  The drink is also full of antioxidants and vitamins, therefore is a great component and a great addition to your beauty regime. One of the major ingredients of this drink is avocado. We all know that avocado is great for the hair, face and overall health. Check this recipe of gazpacho with avocado! It gives your skin radiance and vitality. For a glow of youth that comes from the inside to the outside.  This recipe can be part of your daily intake of fruits and vegetables.


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One medium avocado diced

Two Celery stalks diced

One green apple diced

7-8 sweet baby tomatoes cut in halves

1/2 teaspoon of diced ginger

One lime (extract the juice)

1/2 cucumber diced

1-2 cups of water (varies - more for juice, less for texture)



Add to a blender or juice maker the avocado, celery, green apple, baby tomatoes, ginger, lime juice, cucumber, and water. Blend at hi speed for a few minutes. Add more water if the consistent is too thick as this should be drunk as a juice. You can also add a bit of honey or raw stevia for added sweetness but the drink is naturally tangy and sweet. Chill for one hour and drink.


Have this juice as a snack, before eating your meals and just about anytime. Another bonus: it will help to curb your appetite and you will eat less. Give it a try and let us know in the comments below! Love to hear from you! Share your recipes with us and we might publish it here! Sign up to receive our newsletter and to enter our monthly giveaway!

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