Twisted Sweet Chicken

Not so sweet, not so sour

twisted sweet cicken recipe picture

Serves 4-6      Calories: under 350



4-6 Skinless, Boneless thin cut chicken breasts

Badia Original, complete seasoning or your prefer seasoning for meats, chicken, fish. (Adobo seasoning, Emerils Original Essence, etc.)

1 medium lemon

1 medium orange

Diced the following:

1 medium red potato

1 medium onion

1 medium red pepper

1 medium green pepper

2 spoons olive oil

2-3 spoons of Soy Sauce - regular or light




In a medium skillet add one spoon olive oil and diced vegetables, simmer for a few minutes, until tender and set aside.

Season chicken breasts with Badia or seasoning of your choice. Rub the season on chicken.

Add the other olive oil spoon to skillet, cook the chicken turning around, so it browns on both sides. After chicken is cooked add the diced vegetables. Let it simmer and add the lemon juice, orange juice, and  Soy Sauce.

Lower heat, let is stand in very low heat so the juices of the lemon, orange and soy sauce blend.

Serve as a main dish with a side of either White Rice (Basmati or Jazmine are the best) or Brown Rice an Asparagus -Check recipe for Asparagus here.




twisted sweet chicken served with rice and asparagus
twisted sweet chicken served

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