Accessories The back bone of your outfit

From the minimalist to the sophisticated as well as the "more is more" type of girl (or guy) the accessories we pick are as important as the outfit itself. Accessories are the backbone of your outfit! It will make you stand out or get lost in the crowd. A killer pair of shoes, bold bracelet, the necklace with the right length, or the scarf that brings light to your face, accessorizing makes or breaks the whole look.  We put together a few tips to get you the ultimate look for your everyday life and special events. Pick one or two and stand out from the crowd!

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Accessories the backbone of your outfit image of outfit



Tops, necklaces, and chokers


For tops that have 3/4 sleeves as well as short sleeves or sleeveless,  you can wear multiple bangles. More is more, and it looks awesome! Necklaces are big for a trendy and fashionable girl, whether long or short. If your top has a V-neck wear a short necklace that will end just before the "V."  For the taller girls, the big, bold necklaces look smashing.  In like manner, for petite,  go with smaller versions, you don't want to be overpowered by your accessories.  Additionally round, crew and collar tops, are best accessorized with long chains as well as necklaces with beads or stones or a choker.


Belts, Scarves


Belts are a beautiful addition to long tops with leggings, collared tops, and dresses. Scarves: there are 1000+ ways to wear this lovely fashion invention that can keep us warm in cold weather and gives us the final touch.  Therefore try wearing one and transform your look immediately.


and to complete your outfit

From high heels to flats, boots and all its varieties, shoes will give your style a defined look. Choose wisely to go from casual to dressy when picking a pair.  Pumps, flats, and mid-heels will look fabulous with any outfit.


Sandals could be dressy, with heels or flat sandals. Therefore, depending on your event or activity, choose shoes with heels for proportion and definition.



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Accessories to rock your looks:

Check these looks:

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