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An incredible millennial fever that will not go away is the “taking the selfie time.” Yes, it was with the millennial group this craze took off and started a trend we all follow! Who does not take selfies? At the restaurant with your loved one, at the bar with the girlfriends and just about any time we seem worth of keeping a record. Just about everybody with a smartphone takes the selfie. Whether 16 or 80! We all want to take that particular moment. Mastering better selfies strategies have become a tutorial, in itself, for real!

What’s with the craze? You could say that is kind of like a selfish attitude. It could be just the fact that we live in an era when we text, instead of call, snap chat, Skype, video and so on. It feels like we need to show ourselves to the world, fulfill a need to let others know what we are doing and how good (or bad) we are.

Since this is going to stay with us and it does not seem that it will slow down as social media is all about our lives, business and personal, we should learn better selfies strategies when taking the pictures. Here are some guidelines and strategies for your selfie time!

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How to take better selfies:

  1. Selfies are better with good light, that’s a given! Look for that area with the right amount of light. It goes for inside and outside. Get to different areas with several kinds of lighting and try a few times until you find the right light for your features to pop. Do not have the light right in your face but rather diffused. Direct light will show any imperfections and your lack of sleep right on!
  2. Always keep and arm length either with your phone or your camera. That selfie stick comes handy at this time. Try lowering a bit instead of keeping that distance at eye level. See how it comes out. Dropping the camera a bit defines your face and jawline better. You want to achieve a natural look.
  3. There are many apps out there to make a new face, but when using these tools too much and too often, your selfie is not your selfie but your ”wanna be kind of a ” Let’s visit this strategy. Filters and better lighting are both good ideas. Both will help to give your features a sharper look, and the contrast in light uppers your game and that may not show up with just standard settings. But careful of too much! Do not add so much that it will take a second look to realize is your image! There is a reason why professionals have linked selfies and problems with self-esteem. Keep your selfie looking like you! Check here and here for our two articles on makeup techniques and contour to wear for your selfie.
  4. Keep your body straight and relaxed, even if the selfie covers only your face. Good posture is always important more so when taking pictures.
  5. “A picture is worth a thousand words.” What do you want your audience – your followers on Instagram, your friends, and family, think when they see your picture? That is the story you want to convey. Look natural, convincing, smile and look real! That is your best selfie!
  6. Lastly: Print your pictures, whether selfies or not. This generation of digital do not print and at times seems that the art of photo printing is disappearing. Remember that the memories could get lost with your data, broken system, etc. Get your memories printed. They will become your history down the line. Do not let it disappear with data lost!


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Better selfies strategies

What do you think of the selfie-crazed? Are you into it? Do you print your pictures? Leave us a message below. We love to hear from you!


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