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When you think about the title of this article “Everyday longevity habits,” does exercise comes to mind? If it does, well you are right! This article is about that exercise and also mobility- two words most of us don’t like, some will probably hate, and the sound of either, just makes you sweat! Exercise and mobility are also a major factor in staying younger longer, active longer and less sick longer.

Although we are creatures of habits and physical activity should be a no-brainer most of us have developed the habit of being dormant, a kind word for “lazy.”  If we go back to the origins of civilization, we started as nomads, walkers, runners and hunters very much the opposite of what we are now. With all the advances in technology, our culture has gotten accustomed to doing less regarding mobility. What is the need to walk, when we can use the car? We need to readjust our mentality and adopt the idea of a commitment to a better quality of life.

Mind and body health

As we approach middle age, and after what is called the third age or those beyond their 70’s  illness and physical impediments start to creep in. You need to think about it if your life in the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s even 50’s, was or is one of excess, or overdoing it a lot with food, alcohol and little to do with exercise. What do you think is going to happen when you hit 60, 70?  Many will find out before 60, let’s not go around the bushes. How many men/women find themselves in the ER with strokes and heart disease, even before their 50’s? How many of us have had to rush one of our parents to the ER? What about Cancer, Diabetes, Arthritis, MS and all the other diseases that affect humankind?

What is involved in longevity?

The trick to a longer, younger looking life is to exercise. Longevity is life span or life duration. What it does mean is to live a life with health and vitality. How long will you live with full health and fewer illness issues and high quality of life? The answer is to not only exercise but to do it consistently, correctly for four to six days of the week. That is the meaning of everyday longevity habits! How so? A body in constant movement is burning calories. It is also conditioning muscles, training the heart, expanding the lungs and engaging all the primary muscles.

There are two parts to this program: cardio and strength – you need three- four days of intensive cardio – aerobic fitness and two-three days of strength training. Mix the formula: Monday – cardio, Tuesday – strength,  Wednesday – cardio, Thursday – Strength,  Friday Cardio, Saturday – strength, Sunday- rest or if you feel good, can or want, add another cardio. Even just a  brisk walk. Need ideas for a workout? Read this article and start a fitness program. Stop the excuses and start to achieve longevity and better health. Start slowly and build up but do it.

The second part of everyday longevity habits is eating well. Aiming to include vegetables, lightly steamed or raw for better consumption of all its nutrients. The quality of your food is as important to the body as well as mobility and exercise. Eat fewer red meats, add more fish and poultry, less white rice and pasta and add whole grains. Ditch the white bread, soda, sugar and fast foods - all of these are over processed food, lacking in any nutrition but very high in calories and fats which will increase your chances of poor health and illnesses.

Be a better version of yourself

Develop your habits one at a time. Stick to a program that will work for you. Once you commit and start seeing results, you will change your perspective. You will be with less pain, less prompt to catch viruses and ailments because your immune system is also pumped up.

Being wiser with food choices whether at home or eating out is key to longevity. We were created to eat more plants than animals. Check out this article for better health, "Eat healthy, stave off illnesses."

Kick the excuses out the door and develop daily longevity habits, just start a bit each day and commit. The early you start the better off you are.


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Run, do cardio exercises four times a week or more


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