Fitness Shoes, run, cross training

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Fitness Shoes, run, cross training


When we start a fitness program, fitness shoes are the most important element,  even more so than a good looking workout outfit. Wearing the proper shoes for running, hiking, bicycling or play sports is the key component. You will avoid the risk of injury, pain and other foot ailments.

Wearing the proper athletics shoes is crucial. More important is to change your shoes when they become worn out. Worn out shoes is a cause of knees and feet injuries.  How important is the price? Invest in a good pair of shoes. The cost is going to be less than the money and time you will spend seeing the doctor because you got hurt.

Whether you are buying the first pair of running shoes or you are well on your 6th or 7th pair, the best bet is always to buy your shoes from the specialty shop (running – fitness shop) than buying from the big department stores.  Additionally, the people that work at the specialty stores have been trained and can help you select a pair of shoes that offer your feet the support they need.




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Selecting your shoes


Size at the store and do it when the feet are at its biggest.  The extra room allows your foot to flex and your toes to move forward with each stride. Do this test: when you are standing with both shoes on, make sure to have at least a thumbnail’s space between the tip of the shoe and the end of your longest toe. Some stores will ask you to wet your feet to check the arch. Measuring is important: sizes are different by brand.  Try the shoes on both feet and test them. Walk around the shop.


There is a huge selection of all kind of fitness shoes. Selecting the right pair could be daunting and confusing. The reality is that there is only one shoe that offers your feet the support and fit needed. Try on as many models and pairs as possible. Do not shop by price or by fashion. Go for the comfort and health of your feet. Important tip: Change your running shoes every 500-600 miles and your cross training shoes every six months, especially when circuit training is a continuous lifestyle.


Types of feet and the right shoes


We all have one of three types of feet: flat, medium and high arch. Here is the scoop:


  • Flat - have either very small or non-visible arches. The imprints of flat feet are nearly whole, appearing much like the entire sole. This type of feet is likely to overpronate. The best shoes for this kind are stability shoes or motion control shoes.
  • Medium – standard feet that have moderate to average arch sizes are medium. The imprint of the foot shows only heel and forefoot connected by a full band.  Runners who have average feet have a semi-flexible arch. These runners have a broad range of shoe options, but many like stability shoes for their support. The best shoes are stability shoes and neutral shoes.
  • High – the foot with high arches shows the heel and forefoot in a very narrow band. High arched feet are more rigid and do not typically pronate enough to absorb shock effectively. It is for this reason that high arch runners require extra cushioning. Their best options are neutral running shoes.

Cross training shoes


The same principles that we have described previously applied to cross training shoes. Cross training is the mix of training on various sports to improve overall performance. Cross training shoes can be used for just about any training and activity in the gym like lifting weights, cardio exercise, yoga, elliptical training and low impact workouts. This kind of shoe needs a cushion to protect the balls of the feet.  They can be ideally defined as shoes that are flexible, provide avid protection and also stand shocks.  They are designed to be versatile, compatible and to aid a supportive base. Cross-trainers, however, are not a good option for long distance running as they are usually less-cushioned then the basic running shoes, but they have an amiable bulky structure that helps to cushion your ankle movements. Replace the cross training shoes every six months.


We hope this article helps you in choosing the right shoe for you, whether you are a 5K, 10K or marathon runner. Or maybe a gym rat, walk aficionado or simply starting a new combination of the above.  If you know your size, foot type and you are ready to get your new pair of shoes take a look at our selection.





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