Five habits to keep resolutions

How not to fail this year!

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We all create and develop plans to keep our resolutions for the New Year and oftentimes within a week or two all is forgotten. The reason for this is simple: we are a creature of habits, and we go back to old habits because we lack the real motivation and it’s easier to fall back on what we know and feel comfortable with. It is our reality. With that in mind and going into the second week of the new year, what about creating five habits to keep resolutions and keep track? Five simple practices, instead of "20 how to do"? What if we take small steps to develop a great goal?

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Small steps to achieve a great goal

  1. Start simple – Do not overdo it! That is the most important rule. If you want to lose weight, become a runner, eat healthier or become a vegetarian, the key is to start slowly. If you are starting to train go to Fitness Shoes, Run, Crosstraining 
  2. Be practical – Right along with No.1 by been practical of what you can attain you will not burn out, get bored and quit. Straightforward and practical!
  3. Be precise – Having a clear goal is better than saying: I’m going to lose weight, run a marathon or save money.  Precise goes something like; I’m going to lose 20 pounds by following this plan. I’m joining a program to run a marathon. I’m saving $20.00 a week this year.  See the difference between the statements? By the way, if you need an excellent recipe for nutrition and detox after holidays (to lose those 20 pounds!) this Avocado gazpacho healthy soup is great!
  4. Organize and set up the time – Your resolutions are going to require time, and we are all busy and overschedule most of the time. For your decisions to survive, schedule the time. The concept applies to any and all resolutions and by the way carving the time should be a resolution! This article about fitness is a great starting point!
  5. Accountability – This is a surefire way to keep at least some of those resolutions alive. A friend of a like mind and with the same or similar goals will be a great partner to hold you accountable, and it will be a great way to measure each other's  goals.

Last thoughts

There you have it! It is that simple, these five habits to keep resolutions you can apply to everything and anything in your life – even relationships! Keep it simple, be practical, have precision, organize and hold yourself accountable. You will be on your way to attaining the goals you set up. Therefore, you will join the club of successful people, those who get things done. At the same time, you would develop a new set of habits!  Happy New Year! Cheers to your success!


What resolutions do you have for this year? Do you have a plan? Will you consider practicing some of the five habits? Let us know in the comments below, love to hear from you!

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