How to plan the party right

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Planning a party right should be an easy task if we get organized and prepared with anticipation. Organization is key! So here we give you a few key points and a simple guideline on how to plan the party right!


One month before your party


  • Invitation list:  Prepare your list of guests. Mail or email your invitations.
  • Party theme: Depending on what your party is about - Halloween, Thanksgiving, New Year, Birthday -plan and create a theme for it. Buy the decorations, prepare the music, if you have music.
  • Menu planning: Depending on what you are doing, are you cooking, or ordering out, catering your party, or are you picking up? This part of your plan is the most important to set up as stress-free as possible so that you will enjoy your party. If you are cooking select easy to prepare dishes, food that can be frozen. You can cook and freeze until party time. If ordering out,  order with the place and check all items included in your order. Do you need help on the day of the party? Catering hands?
  • Hire someone to help you clean before and after the party.

Three weeks before your party


  • If you are cooking, start shopping your list for the menu, begin cooking and freezing your dishes. Not all dishes can be frozen, so check that you are correctly freezing the ones that can be.
  • Check your bar and inventory it. You may need to buy in bulk some items. Now is the time. If you are catering your party, you may want to include the liquor.
  • Select the music, the style and have it ready.
  • When using your flatware, dishes, linen, napkins, etc. Now is the time to have it cleaned, polished and ready for the event.

Two weeks before your party


  • Finish all the cooking that you can prepare ahead and freeze.
  • Stock up the bar with the inventory made ahead
  • Check your warmer plates - to keep your food hot and the serving dishes, serving utensils. Get it all ready for what needs to be cooked on the day of the party and to keep the food warm throughout the day.
  • Are you having the party inside/outside? Have an alternative location if you come into weather problems (outside party) Rent chairs, tent/tents tables - depending on the number of  people and the occasion.

Week of the party


    • Clean the place of the party. Whether is your house or your community club. You may want to hire someone to help you.
    • Arrange and set up the area the way you want it the day of the party. Move chairs, tables, furniture around and play with it to see how it best fits with your plans.
    • Finish stocking your bar and any last details - enough glasses, wine glasses and bottle openers. Check here

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  • Get all the components layout.

Last three days up to the day of the party


  • If you are having the party at your house, notify the neighbors, community association. Avoid misunderstandings and parking issues when your party is in full cycle.
  • Work on the decoration of the place.
  • Have your house or the location of the event set up with an area where garbage containers are easily accessed. Less mess around.
  • Look for a place where your guests can accommodate their belongings (coats, overcoats).
  • Finish any shopping and last minute details.


Day before and the day of the party


Day before:

  • Finish all cooking that can be done ahead. At this point must of the food has been prepared and frozen so your cooking should be less time-consuming.
  • Set up the party tables, chairs, and the area.
  • Check any last minute details.
  • Buy flower arrangements to distribute around the place for a welcoming touch

Party day

  • Any cooking left should be finished. All frozen food already prepared, warmed up and set up in warmers on the buffet area.
  • Display and set up all food servings.
  • Welcome and greet your neighbors and enjoy your well-planned party.

Prepare ahead and plan the party right. You will enjoy the company and the party much better when you have been organized and have prepared ahead. Check out our affiliates for party supplies, deals, and sales!

Enjoy your parties and drop us a line below. We love to hear from you!


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