Belgium beautifully exposed

A country with a lot of heart

map of Belgium
Small country but multicultural and multilingual

Belgium exposed... beautiful and friendly, this small country is full of beauty and history. Widely known for its many kinds of beers, chocolate, and waffles - Oh those waffles! - There are some facts that put this country on the list when traveling Europe.

  1.  It is the International Headquarters of the European Union, Located in the capital of Belgium, Brussels.
  2. Belgium is multilingual and multicultural. French (Wallonia) and Dutch (Flanders), are the official languages and German is also spoken by a minority. English is spoken widely around the Brussels area and there are communities of English-speaking expatriates.
  3. The country's medieval flavor is still around, there are many structures typical to the age and cities that take you back in time.
  4. Paradise for Beer drinkers - You will find in this country the most amazing tasting beer and varieties to have one each day of the year. There are tours available to breweries around Brussels.
Castle in Brussels
Medieval Castle
Belgium house
Typical Medieval Style house in Belgium

Places to visit in Belgium

Belgium should be on the list of countries to visit when touring EUROPE. The historic places, monuments, museums, and food, rivals other countries around it. Just in restaurants, it has over 2,000 in Brussels and surrounding areas alone. Many of these with at least one Michelin star. I lived a good part of my life in Belgium, while there my family and I visited a different restaurant every weekend - sometimes two - and we were never let down. It is a true paradise for food lovers.


Restaurants on our list:


From "Mom & Pap" to Gourmet, (Michelin Star) there are plenty to choose from. Some of our favorites:

  1. Comme Chez Soi
  2. Aux Armes
  3. Francois
  4. La Roue d' Or
  5. La Ville Lorraine
  6. Bruneau
  7. La Truffe Noire
  8. Le Chalet de la Foret
  9. Brazzeries George
  10. Barbizon
  11. La Fou du Roy
  12. La Maison Du Cygne
  13. La Brasseries de Bruxelles
  14. Le Forneau
  15. Le Bleu Elephant
  16. Chez Nous
  17. Chez Leon - Home of the National Dish - Mussels

Places, Monuments, and Museums:


  1. The Royal Palace
  2. La Grand Plaza
  3. Mannequin Pis
  4. Atomium
  5. Le Grand Sablon & Le Petite Sablon
  6. Cathedral of Saint Michael
  7. The Town Hall
  8. Antwerp
  9. Waterloo the town and the Butte de lion grounds
  10. Bruges - the Venice of Belgium
  11. Citadelle - Namur
  12. Les Ardennes
  13. Bastogne War Museum

Check here for more places to visit. While Belgium is smacked between countries his fashion flair is Avant Garde. Avenue Louise, City 2, Rue Neuve and Galerie St. Hubert are trendy and home to local as well as international designers. In Avenue Louise, you will find Louis Vuitton, Channel, Prada, Cartier, Inno and Armani among others.

While touring around do not forget to eat frites (french fries)and Belgian waffles- sold by many street vendors- you will not find frites and waffles this tasty anywhere else. Of course, try a new beer variety when visiting and don't forget chocolates - after all this is the capital of beer and chocolate.

Belgium article
Belgium article
Belgium Article
Brugge - Venice of Belgium
mannequin piss
Mannequin Piss statue
Les Ardennes
Les Ardennes
Town Hall Brussels
Town Hall Brussels
Dinant Belgium
Dinant - Belgium
Grand Place - Brussels
Grand Place - Brussels

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