Where to Vacation this Summer: Dream Getaway Vacation

Could any of you guess where this pristine picture is located?

greece 1

If any of you guessed Greece, home of the Greek gods, then you’re right! Isn’t it the most breath taking view you’ve ever seen?! Greece has always been on my bucket list since I can remember and I cannot wait to check it off (keeping my fingers crossed for next year)! Between its gorgeous views, beaches, architecture, history, and not to mention food; who would not want to visit this beautiful country?

Being that Greece is my forever dream vacay, I am going to share with you guys a little bit about all the beauties it has to offer, and you will see why I cannot wait to visit.

Things to do & Places to See

Who doesn’t love some fun in the Sun? Let’s start off with a def’ must see…the beaches of Greece! This is typical for a girl from South Florida right? I have to admit, we do love our sunny days and our beaches, but nothing beats the pristine beaches like the ones of Greece. Just look at the beautifully crystal clear, deep blue water (if you haven’t guessed by now this is what definitely attracted me to Greece), it makes me want to put my bikini on and jump right in! So if you’re like me and enjoy some beach fun and catching a few rays, I would suggest going during the hottest months in Greece, (FYI its July and August).


Mykonos and Santorini are in my opinion the most well known islands of Greece (and of course both are my top of the list choices to stay when I visit). As I’ve read while doing some research for my future getaway trip, Santorini is more known for its unique beaches. While your typical paradise beach is of soft white sand; Red Beach, Santorini is made up of volcanic red sand, hence where it gets its name. For those of you who are like me and enjoy indulging on Greek food and night life I would suggest visiting Perissa Beach, Santorini, where you have many options of restaurants, taverns, and bars.

Perissa is very developed, modern, and hosts a lot of tourism; however, one sight to see while visiting the beach is a huge rock that rises from the sea called Mesa Vouno. Perissa’s visitors enjoy seeing the sight of the rock,  which shines in the dark!

Mesa Vouno in Perisaa Beach


Red Beach, Santorini

Heading more North on the map lays the island of Mykonos. Again, for those of you looking for crazy party scenes, I would suggest Paradise Beach, Mykonos, where the party starts early (late afternoon) and doesn’t end til’ you drop! On the other hand if you are looking for a much peaceful, relaxing visit this takes us to Ornos Beach, Mykonos. From what I have read this is the most family friendly beach in Mykonos. Being the environment is so relaxing this is a great destination for honeymooners as well. Like Perissa Beach, Oronos Beach is also quite developed and provides a series of restaurant, shops, supermarkets, and water activities.


We can’t forget those amazing architectural and historical Sights!

Greece is not only a beautiful country; it is also filled with so much history and culture. Who remembers learning about all the Greek gods and their stories in High School? I sure do, and it was one of my favorite topics in English class! Learning about Greek mythology was so fascinating all the stories were so fun and interesting; it sure beat learning about the usual stuff (lol).


Where better to go to learn more about the Greek gods than Athens? Athens is the capital and the largest city in Greece. Here you can visit the Acropolis which sits on a high hill, hence why the name is translated as ‘high city’. The Acropolis houses many temples including the Parthenon. The Parthenon is one of the most iconic symbols of Greece and was built in honor of  Athena, the goddess of wisdom. While here you can learn Athena’s story and check out all the beautiful statues and architectures of the Acropolis.



From doing my research and talking to people who have already visited Greece, I came across another place to visit that caught my attention; the Achilleion! The Achilleion is a palace that was once home to the Empress Austria Elizabeth of Bavaria. Who wouldn’t want to visit the home of a former Empress right?! The Empress built this as a summer palace to escape the tragic events in her life. The palace was built with a theme inspired by the mythical hero Achilles. This property is now a museum that can be visited, where you can see paintings and statues of Achilles. The outdoor area of this extraordinary home also has a garden that is filled with statues of the Greek gods, and holds a breath taking view of the city.

Land of Gods Greece

So who’s ready to pack their suitcases? I know I am! Just viewing the pictures makes me want to pack my cutest summer outfits, bikinis, sunnies, and of course can’t forget the sun tan lotion, and head off to Greece!

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Do you already have a dream getaway in mind? Have you gone already? Maybe you’re going this summer? Do you have any suggestions for our readers? Leave your comments below and let us know!


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