Piedmont Italian journey part 4

Piedmont Italian journey part 4 image
Canelli, Piedmont

Italian Journey

Our last journey is going to take us to Piedmont and Turin. We started our trip to Italy with Rome, Milan, Florence and the area of Lake Como. Our second trip took us to Venice and Naples. Both parts of Italy well known and traveled. For the third review, we went to Sicily and Sardinia, known as well as Venice and Naples but not so frequently visited by foreign tourists. Mostly Europeans spend vacation time here. Our new trip to Piedmont, Italian journey part 4 will take us to some of the areas that are less known to tourists.


This area of Italy recognized for its wine, chocolate and truffles offer a lot more than just food and wine for the gourmands. It is full of history, tragedy and so much more than just food, although the food has no comparison, and the wines and cheeses are spectacular!


Piedmont and its capital Turin require an exclusive trip. As we have said before, Italy cannot be seeing on one trip to Europe. Requires a trip of its own, just to be able to enjoy everything it has to offer. Needless to say, Italy is a country with so much to give, so much history and it is so big that therefore you need separate trips. As you read through our previous articles, you will understand that there is so much to see of this country, one trip will not do it. Just like it not possible to just write one article about it and make it possible for a reader to understand and relate to its beauty.

What to do and what to see in Piedmont and Turin


Plan on visiting:

The Museums, notably the Museum of Egypt, which is the best Egyptian Museum of Europe, and the Museum of the Automobile.

The Chapel of the Holly Shroud

Museum Pietro Micca and the underground tunnels

Palazzo Carignano

Villa de la Regina

Montei di Cappucini

Gran Madre de Dio, Turin - Rennaissance church

Savoy's Royal Palace - rulers of Italy until their abdication in the 1940's

Mole Antonellianna - a landmark of Turin.  Inside the building is the National Cinema Museum.

The Castle Grinzane Cavour - inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage

Tagliolo Castle -  dating back to the year 1000, here you can take a tour and taste their wines.


Piedmont Italian journey part 4 image of Piedmnt
Piedmont Italian journey part 4 image of Palace Carignano
Palace Carignano
Piedmont Italian journey part 4 image of the grave cloth
Turin grave cloth
Piedmont Italian journey part 4 Downtown Turin image
Downtown Turin

More to check - facts of the region and Turin the capital of Piedmont


When we talk and reminiscence of the food we are not doing justice! This area has one of the most exquisite cuisines of Italy. The wines and cheese are a delicacy, but the tourist that has done research knows this is a place where you come to taste the truffles. In the autumn this is one of the main reasons to visit. Every villa has a fair or festival with truffles.


Turin, the capital of Piedmont, is a Baroque city with its origins going as far back as the origins of civilization. Several buildings in existence today are dated back to its beginning. Among them:  the amphitheater by the Cathedral of Saint Giovanni and the Porta Palatina, the best example of a Roman city gate throughout the world.  


The Cathedral of Saint Giovanni is where you will find a reproduction of the Holly Shroud (which continues to be perplexing today), but the Baroque cathedral is breathtaking on its own. Another landmark not to be missed is the Mole Antonelliana which houses the National Cinema Museum.


Plan a stroll along Via Garibaldi, the pedestrians-only street, lined with restaurants, coffee shops, ice cream shops and boutiques.


A side note: Turin is the home of the vermouth. In Italy, vermouth is considered an aperitif. The famous aperitif Martini and Rossi is an original vermouth from Turin.  Turin still produces it.


Piemont Italian journey part 4 mole antonelliana image
Mole Antonelliana
Piedmont Italian journey part 4 image of superga basilica
Superga Basilica
Piedmont Italian journey part 4 Catholic church image
Catholic Church Turin

Food for thought

As mentioned before, truffles, cheese, and wine are trademarks of Piedmont and Turin. What most people don't know is that the dish with know in America as Risotto has its origins in Turin. Try it, and you will have no regrets.


You will find an array of dishes in Piedmont and Turin with no similar, breathtaking views, historic buildings and a pace entirely different from those of the other major cities in Italy. Piedmont Italian journey we will not forget!

Ending our journey here! We hope you enjoyed reading our four-part journey to Italy. Although there are more areas to cover, we brought to you in these condensed articles some of the most visited regions of Italy but by no means the only ones. These are areas we know, lived or visited and made us fall in love with this country.


Like our article? Have you been to any of the cities? Leave us a comment below and share your experiences! We love to hear from you!


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