Traveling Italy, adventurous journey

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travel italy, adventurous journey image of lake cuomo
Lake Como, one of the finest jewels of Italy

Italy is on the bucket list of many travelers. It is also the first destination of many that travel for the first time to Europe from North America to South America. Traveling Italy is amazing and adventurous. Considering how big this country is and how many towns and little places it has to discover, you can make Italy your first and only destination when traveling the first time to Europe.


In light of the many possibilities and all the places, towns and historic locations we will review just a few for this article and will publish another travel article on Italy at a later date. This time we are visiting: Rome, Milan, areas by Lake Como and Florence.

First, a few tips on Italy


  • In general summers in Italy are hot and dry. The winters are cold, wet and cloudy (gray)
  • Best times of the year to visit - April to June and September to early November.
  • Many shops and restaurants, out of the touristic path, are close during summer time(July and August) when its very hot and humid and Italians, like most Europeans, are on vacation.
  • Italians and Europeans in general, eat late - 8:00 -9:00 are considered the average, so you will not see the restaurants pack until late.
  • Do not travel with valuables and do carry cash. It is the norm for many transactions in Italy.
  • The pace of life is still different. You will not be bothered with the bill for your food at a restaurant until you ask for it. The waiters are also not in the habit of hovering around the table. You are left alone to enjoy your dinner.

Let's tour



This is, of course, the capital and the most visited city by tourists in Italy. Here you will find the Colosseum, The Pantheon, Sixtine Chapel, The Vatican, St Peter's Basilica, Catacombs of Rome, Piazza Venezia, Arch of Constantine, Vatican Museum, Trevi Fountain... you see, only in Rome you can spend the bulk of your traveling days and money and we have not detailed all the places that merit a visit, just a few of them. When planning your days, allocate at least 4 days, if not more to Rome. There is plenty of history to discover and see in this city. Do not forget the time you will spend in line waiting to have access to the touristic attractions.


traveling italy Colosseum in Rome image
Rome, Italy
traveling italy inside Colosseum image
Inside the ruins of the Colosseum
traveling italy pantheon in Rome image
Pantheon in Rome
traveling italy Vatican city image
Vatican City


Renowned city of fashion and style, high-end restaurants, shops and hotels, Milan is like a second capital of Italy. Located in the northern region of Italy, Milan is also home to the Stock exchange. Here you will find renowned houses of Italian designers and it is here where "The last supper" by Leonardo Da Vinci is housed, inside The Church of Santa Maria Delle Grazie and near is The Gothic Duomo di Milano. Visit the Galleria Vittoria Emanuelle, where the top of the line shops and cafes are the way to go. Within a half hour from Milan is Lake Como and the nearby villages, exotic and incredible views. Here you will find the town of Bellagio, beautiful and picturesque, Menaggio and the town of Como. This is for sure, although tourists destinations, a must to include when traveling Italy.

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traveling italy milan-fashion district image
Milan's fashion district
traveling italy Duomo Cathedral image
Traveling Italy
traveling italy -coast image
Lake Como
travel italy, adventurous journey image of lake cuomo
Lake Como, one of the finest jewels of Italy
traveling italy bellagio town image
traveling italy como-town image
town of Como
traveling italy menaggio town image
Menaggio town
traveling italy city centre milan image
City center Milan


Our last stop traveling Italy for our first article is Florence. Known as the "cradle of the Renaissance". In the Tuscany region, Florence is rich in culture, art, churches, palaces, and monuments. This area of Italy is worth a whole trip on its own. Think about it, to get to really travel and visit all the historic places, palaces, and monuments Italy has to offer, you need a two week trip to Italy every year for the next five years, visiting a different region every time!


In Florence, you will be able to visit "Ponte Vecchio" and Arno River one of the iconic places in this city. The gardens of the Basilica San Miniato Al Monte are breathtaking! Piazza di la Signoria is the resting place of a copy of Michael Angelo's David statue. Take time to visit the Pitti Palace and recreate in all the wonderful works of art inside. Crossing Ponte Vecchio you are in the "new city".


An hour away from Florence and easy to accommodate while traveling this region of Italy is the Leaning Tower of Pisa. You can easily ride the train (reliable and easy to take and understand) or get a guided tour. This way you get to see all there is to see in this town and take wonderful photos of the tower. (This is a must for every tourist.)

traveling italy florence city view image
Florence city view
traveling italy ponte vecchio view image
View of Ponte Vecchio
traveling italy tower of pisa image
tower of Pisa
traveling italy pisa image

Last thoughts

Traveling this country in Europe is a unique experience. Italy is compounded of multiple regions, all with their own customs, cuisine, and style. You will not see the same creams, sauces and pasta from Rome to Florence or Milan. The same goes for their specialties. This gives and advantage to test and try different foods, drinks, and dishes. Check here for more places to visit and travel!


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